Show Photographs

27th Festival Season - 2005

White Horse Inn

By: Ralph Benatzky
Original libretto by: Robert Gilbert, Hans Müller, and Erik Charell
Premiere: Grosses Schauspielhaus, Berlin, November 8, 1930

Head waiters of the White Horse Inn in Austria have found that to fall in love with the attractive young widow who owns the establishment is a swift and certain route to dismissal. Yet none have been able to resist Josepha, least of all Leopold, the present incumbent. She pines for Dr. Otto Siedler, a visiting lawyer from Berlin and regular visitor to the inn, but she is resolutely blind to all evidence that his thoughts for her are no more than warm friendship. Siedler is incensed when he arrives and finds that his usual room has been given by a spiteful Leopold to Ottilie and her father, Herr Giesecke, a manufacturer of ladies' underwear. Siedler's rage is somewhat mollified when he falls hard for Ottilie who, however, has been set up for a commercially viable marriage to Sigismund, the son of Giesecke's business rival. The eventual arrival of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Franz Joseph, serves at first only to add to the acrimonious chaos, but finally his kindly understanding and wisdom do much to bring about the statutory happy ending, with Josepha finally realizing her true love for Leopold.

White Horse Inn remains one of the most popular and beloved of German-language musical theatre works. Its title song never ceases to draw the listener into the magical escapist world of operetta. With a rich, ever-melodious Benatzky score that was augmented from the beginning with songs by Robert Stolz and others, this OLO premiere is bound to please.

Production Team
Conductor Steven Byess
Stage Director Julie Wright
Choreographer Carol Hageman
Set Designer Richard Traubnerr
Costume Designer Daniel Jones
Lighting Designer Shannon Schweitzer
Assistant Stage Director Amy Pfrimmer
Kathi, postmistress Erin Jackson
Zenzi Sahara Glasener
Piccolo, a young waiter Rachel Rowe
Tour Guide Kevin Blickfeldt
Leopold Brandemeyer, headwaiter Anthony Maida
Josepha Vogelhuber, headmistress of the Inn Julie Wright
Dr. Otto Siedler, lawyer from Vienna Grant Knox
Wilhelm Giesecke, Berlin manufacturer Boyd Mackus
Ottilie, his daughter Sarah Asmar
Sigismund Sülzheimer, Berlin manufacturer Gregory Brookes
Professor Dr. Hinzelmann, a tutor from Vienna Oliver Henderson
Klärchen, his daughter Jessie Wright Martin
Kaiser Franz Josef II Jonathan Michie
Grünwald, forester Jeremiah Butterfield
Women of the Ensemble: Sarah Asmar, Julianna Byess, Sara Gartland, Lisa Gerstenkorn, Sahara Glasener, Catherine Greer, Jessica Hornsten, Erin Jackson, Shannon Langman, Claire Maloney, Jessie Wright Martin, Danielle McCormick, Valerie Hart Nelson, Amy Pfrimmer, Rachel Rowe, Kari Sorenson, Julie Wright
Men of the Ensemble: James Barbato, Kevin Blickfeldt, Gregory Brookes, John Buffett, Jeremiah Butterfield, Vernon Di Carlo, Samuel Haddad, Oliver Henderson, Patrick Howle, Grant Knox, Justin Legris, Boyd Mackus, Anthony Maida, Jonathan Michie, Zachary Wilder