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31st Festival Season - 2009

fiddler on the roof

Music by: Jerry Bock
Lyrics by: Sheldon Harnick
Book by: Joseph Stein

In the small Russian village of Anatevka, a violinist perches perilously on the roof of the home of Tevye, the milkman. The fiddler scratches out a tune, just as the Jewish people of Anatevka scratch out a living under perilous conditions. Only one asset sustains them – their tradition. Tevye works hard to provide for his wife, Golde, and their five daughters. He envisions for his oldest daughter Tzeitel a scholarly husband, with whom he can discuss the scriptures. Yente, the matchmaker, however, has other plans for Tzeitel – a match with the rich and widowed butcher, Lazar Wolf. Tzeitel has her own sights set on her childhood friend, the penniless tailor Motel Kamzoil, who eventually summons the courage to ask Tevye for Tzeitel’s hand. Adamantly refusing at first, Tevye finally relents when he sees the love in Tzeitel’s eyes. The revolutionary university student, Perchik, engaged to teach the bible to Tevye’s children in exchange for food, makes a positive impression on second daughter Hodel. Tevye, meanwhile, has been informed by the local constable that there must be some anti-Jewish demonstrations in the area. His immediate concern, however, is how to break the news to Golde that he has given his blessing to Tzeitel and Motel. He cunningly relates to her his dream in which Golde’s grandmother has risen from the grave and insisted that Tzeitel marry Motel. In her support, there appears the apparition of Fruma-Sarah, the butcher’s deceased wife, who threatens revenge on Tzeitel should she take her place as Lazar’s wife. The frightened Golde has no choice but to agree that a marriage between Tzeitel and Lazar is impossible. The act ends as the joyous wedding celebration of Tzeitel and Motel is interrupted by a band of Russian soldiers, carrying out the threatened demonstration.

Perchik professes his love for Hodel as he tells her that he must return to the city to further his political causes. In a break with tradition, he does not ask Tevye’s permission to marry Hodel, but only for his blessing. Some time later, news reaches Anatevka that Perchik has been arrested for his political activities and sent to Siberia – Hodel must go to him, but promises her father that they will be married properly as soon as Perchik is freed. When third daughter Chava announces her intention to marry outside the faith – to the Russian Fyedka – Teyve is incensed and will not be swayed; from that day on, Chava is dead to him. The final blow to life in Anatevka comes with the news that all Jews must leave the village. As they leave – some for America, some for other destinations in Europe – Tevye beckons the fiddler on the roof to follow. Wherever life might lead the displaced villagers, the fiddler will forever be with them.

Production Team
ConductorJ. Lynn Thompson
Stage DirectorStephen Carr
ChoreographerCarol Hageman
Costume DesignEric Hall
Scenic DesignKimberly Cox
Lighting DesignerShannon Schweitzer
Assistant DirectorSelim Giray†
Assistant ChoreographerKarla Hughes
Tevye, A DairymanTed Christopher
Golde, His WifeJulie Wright
Tzeitel, Their DaughterCourtney Miller
Hodel, Their DaughterKarla Hughes* Samantha Grenell-Zaidman**
Chava, Their DaughterTania Mandzy
Shprintze, Their DaughterAnna Kitzmiller* Stephanie Haught**
Bielke, Their DaughterNoelle Crites* Taylor Mills**
Yente, MatchmakerAshly Evans
Motel, TailorJacob Allen* David Kelleher-Flight**
Perchik, A Student RevolutionaryNate Brian* Paul Hopper**
Lazar Wolf, ButcherGary Moss* Zack Rabin**
Mordcha, InnkeeperMatthew Kuehnl
Rabbi, Spiritual Leader of AnatevkaChris Wert
Mendel, His SonLogan Walsh
Avram, BooksellerOwen Reynolds
Nachum, BeggarPhilip McLeod
Grandma Tzeitel, Golde’s GrandmotherJanelle Lentz
Fruma-Sarah, Lazar Wolf’s Dead First WifeJessie Wright Martin
Constable, A Russian OfficerMark Snyder
Yussel, A Hatter Galeano Salas
Fyedka, A Young RussianJon Gerhard
Sasha, His FriendStephen Faulk
Shaindel, Motel’s MotherHolly Wert
FiddlerEmily DeVincent
ChildrenKellen Crites, Jacob Nurse, Alexander Thompson, Jennifer & Jillian Vicknair
* June 12, 20, 26 July 2, 9, 12, 17, 26, August 6
** June 17, 23, 28 July 7, 11, 16, 22, 30, August 8
† June 26, July 7, 11, 12, 16, 26
Ensemble: Matt Ankney, Chelsea Basler, Nate Brian, Justin Carroll, Erin Daigle, Cecily Ellis, Ashly Evans, Stephen Faulk, Jon Gerhard, Eve Hehn, Paul Hopper, Kyle Knapp, Jacqueline Komos, Matthew Kuehnl, Janelle Lentz, Tania Mandzy, George Maxin, Philip McLeod, Sara Ann Mitchell, Gary Moss, Zack Rabin, Owen Reynolds, Galeano Salas, Mark Snyder, Nina Takács, Allison Toth, Logan Walsh, Chris Wert, Holly Wert, Jessie Wright Martin