Show Photographs

31st Festival Season - 2009

Of Thee I Sing

Music by: George Gershwin
Lyrics by: Ira Gershwin
Book by: George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind

John P. Wintergreen has been chosen by his party as its presidential candidate and provided a running mate…what's his name…oh, yes…Alexander Throttlebottom. After conducting a poll, the party determines that, after money, it is love that is of the greatest interest to the public. To win the most votes, bachelor Wintergreen must fall in love with a typical American girl and romance her right up until election day – Americans will vote with their hearts and he will be a shoo–in. The party committee holds a contest – the captivating Southern belle, Diana Devereaux, is the winner. Unfortunately, Wintergreen has his heart set on secretary Mary Turner, who can sew and bake corn muffins – he refuses the hand of Diana and goes out on the campaign trail with Mary. After winning the election handily, Wintergreen and Mary are wed by the Chief Justice at the inauguration, a celebration that is interrupted when Diana arrives and serves him with a summons alleging breach of promise. The assembled Supreme Court justices rule in favor of corn muffins – John and Mary can head off to the White House.

Vice-President Throttlebottom has been hanging around the White House, wondering what his job is. When told that he presides over the Senate, he dashes out to catch the first street car down Pennsylvania Avenue. Diana has not given up her fight – she gets hold of the French ambassador, who, on her behalf, elevates the issue to an international incident. The party committee, sensitive to the gravity of the situation, demands that Wintergreen either annul his marriage and tie up with Diana, or resign. When the President refuses both options, the committee pursues impeachment. The Senate vote is going distinctively against Wintergreen when, in the truest fashion of Gilbert and Sullivan, Mary bursts in with some startling news that ultimately both turns the vote in her husband’s favor and provides a logical solution to placating Diana and thus resolving the international crisis.

Production Team
ConductorJ. Lynn Thompson
Stage DirectorStephen Daigle
ChoreographerCarol Hageman
Costume DesignCharlene Gross
Scenic DesignFritz Lombardi
Lighting DesignerKrystal Kennel
Assistant ConductorSelim Giray†
Assistant DirectorStephen Carr
Assistant ChoreographerKarla Hughes
Sam Jenkins, Chief Sec. to WintergreenLogan Walsh
Diana Devereaux, A Beauty Pageant WinnerRaina Thorne
Mary Turner, Assistant to Matthew FultonSahara Glasener-Boles
Miss Emily Benson, Chief Sec. to Mary TurnerAllison Toth
Matthew Arnold Fulton, A Newspaper MagnateJacob Allen
Senator Carver Jones, Senator from the WestMark Snyder
Louis Lippman, A Political BossDavid Kelleher-Flight
Francis X. Gilhooley, A Political BossAnthony Buck
Senator Robert Lyons, Southern Politician Zack Rabin
John P. Wintergreen, Presidential CandidateNate Brian* Boyd Mackus**
Alexander Throttlebottom, VP CandidateJon Gerhard
Chief JusticeGary Moss
ChambermaidCourtney Miller
GuideOwen Reynolds
French AmbassadorMatthew Kuehnl
Scrub Woman*Jacqueline Komos
* June 18, 26, July 5, 25 August 5
** June 13, 24, 30 July 19, August 2
† June 26, July 5, 25
Ensemble: Erin Daigle, Cecily Ellis, Stephen Faulk, Jon Gerhard, Samantha Grenell-Zaidman, Eve Hehn, Paul Hopper, Karla Hughes, Jacqueline Komos, Matthew Kuehnl, Janelle Lentz, Michael Lucas, Philip McLeod, Courtney Miller, Emily Neill, Kalina Miller-Schloneger, Gary Moss, Owen Reynolds, Galeano Salas, Nina Takács, Allison Toth, Logan Walsh, Chris Wert.