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31st Festival Season - 2009

A Night in Venice

Music by: Johann Strauss II
Lyrics by: Friedrich Zell & Richard Genée

It is Carnival time again in Venice as macaroni cook Pappacoda extols his virtues as one of the city's favored institutions. Naval officer Enrico slips him a note with a message for Senator Delacqua's wife Barbara that he will be awaiting her for a rendezvous later that evening. Anticipating the annual arrival in town of the philandering Duke of Urbino, Senator Delacqua intends to send Barbara by gondola to an out-of-town aunt in Murano for “safekeeping.” Barbara, eager for a romantic evening with Enrico, engages the fisher-girl Annina to disguise herself and take her place in the gondola. Annina’s sweetheart Caramello is the Duke’s barber, always on the lookout for romantic opportunities for his master. Unbeknownst to Annina, he disguises himself, takes the place of the gondolier, and delivers who he thinks is Barbara not to her aunt, but to the Duke, who recalls her receptive response to his advances the previous year.

Imagine Caramello’s surprise when, upon arrival at the palace, he and Annina unmask and he realizes that he has just delivered his sweetheart into the hands of the womanizing Duke. Annina is happy to take advantage of the moment and exploit the time with the Duke that fate has given her. Meanwhile, Delacqua is enjoying the festivities with a masked, phony wife, Ciboletta, the girlfriend of Pappacoda. When Delacqua leaves to join Barbara in Murano, the Duke wastes no time and courts both Annina and Ciboletta, with their jealous boyfriends looking on.

As the reveling shifts to Saint Mark’s Square, Ciboletta reports to Pappacoda that she has secured for him an appointment as the Duke’s personal cook – now they can marry. Failing to find Barbara in Murano, Delacqua returns, confronts Barbara and Enrico, and is only placated when Enrico concocts some story about rescuing the senator’s wife from an impostor gondolier. The Duke, less interested in Barbara when he takes note of Enrico’s size, rewards Caramello for keeping him out of trouble by promoting him to his personal steward. Caramello and Annina can now marry…and the Carnival celebration continues through the night.

Production Team
ConductorMichael Borowitz
Stage DirectorTed Christopher
ChoreographerCarol Hageman
Costume DesignCharlene Gross
Scenic DesignKimberly Cox
Lighting DesignerShannon Schweitzer
Pappacoda, Neapolitan Macaroni CookGary Moss
Enrico Piselli, A Naval Officer/Delacqua’s NephewAnthony Buck
Annina, A Fisher-GirlChelsea Basler
Caramello, Delacqua’s Barber/Annina’s SweetheartTodd Strange
Ciboletta, Delacqua’s Maid/Pappacoda’s SweetheartAshly Evans
Bartolomeo Delacqua, Senator of VeniceBoyd Mackus
Barbara, His WifeTania Mandzy
Guido, Duke of Urbino, Lady-loving DukeKyle Knapp
Stefano Barbaruccio, Senator of VeniceDavid Kelleher-Flight
Giorgio Testaccio, Senator of VeniceJacob Allen
Agricola, Barbaruccio’s WifeJanelle Lentz
Agrippina, Testaccio’s WifeCourtney Miller
Centurio, The Duke’s PagePaul Hopper
FrancescoJon Gerhard
BalbiCory Clines
Pizza VendorSpiro Matsos
Ensemble: Cory Clines, Cecily Ellis, Stephen Faulk, Jon Gerhard, Sahara Glasener-Boles, Samantha Grenell-Zaidman, Eve Hehn, Paul Hopper, Karla Hughes, Jacqueline Komos, Matthew Kuehnl, Janelle Lentz, Spiro Matsos, Philip McLeod, Courtney Miller, Zack Rabin, Owen Reynolds, Galeano Salas, Nina Tak√°cs, Allison Toth, Raina Thorne, Logan Walsh