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33rd Festival Season - 2011


Music by Frederick Loewe
Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

ACT I: On a wintry morning, King Arthur's court greets the arrival of Guenevere, the King's soon-to-be bride. Arthur is nervous at becoming a bridegroom; Guenevere is more romantically inclined in her new position as Queen of England, but equally uncertain. When they meet unexpectedly, he outlines the pleasures of life in Camelot. Each charmed by the other's lack of court etiquette and formality, they are happily married as King and Queen. Arthur's tutor, the magician Merlyn, is lured away from Camelot and is unable to warn the King of imminent dangers. Arthur has learned the wisdom of peaceful ways from Merlyn and has brought tranquility and justice to his domain through the establishment of the celebrated Round Table. News of the Table has even reached France, engaging the sympathies of young Lancelot du Lac, who arrives at Camelot proclaiming his intentions to serve King Arthur. Lancelot, in the view of the court and Guenevere, is insufferable; she encourages the castle knights to challenge him to a joust. Arthur tries to dissuade her from siding against Lancelot, but the Queen is adamant. Lancelot is victorious, exhibiting a strange power of faith and purity, thereby gaining the respect of the court and of the Queen. His feelings towards Guenevere speedily develop into a deep but silent love, putting to test the principles of the Round Table and Lancelot's true love for the King he serves.

ACT II: Two years pass - Lancelot and Guenevere still strive to conceal their love. Arthur is aware of their feelings, but covers his resentment to preserve peace in Camelot. Rumors of the relationship attract the young squire Mordred, Arthur's illegitimate son, who loathes Arthur's dreams of peace and intends to disrupt the kingdom in the hope that he may ascend to the throne. Through Mordred's scheme, Arthur is trapped in the enchanted forest of Mordred's aunt, Morgan Le Fey, who casts a sleeping spell over the King. Lancelot visits Guenevere in her chambers, where Mordred overhears them confess their love and accuses them of treason. Lancelot escapes, but Guenevere is sentenced to burn at the stake. At the last moment, Lancelot rescues Guenevere and takes her to France, and Arthur is forced to make war on his friend. Just before their final battle, Arthur meets both Guenevere and Lancelot, and discovers that they are no longer together. Realizing that all he has fought for is gone, Arthur forgives Guenevere. He discovers a young stowaway who aspires to join the Round Table. He knights the boy and sends him back to England, charging him, when he grows up, to tell another generation of the noble ideas of Camelot.

Production Team
ConductorJ. Lynn Thompson
Stage DirectorSteven Daigle
ChoreographyCarol Hageman
Costume DesignCharlene Alexis Gross
Scenic Design Kimberly V. Powers
Lighting DesignKrystal Kennel
MerlynNicholas Wuehrmann
ArthurTed Christopher
GuenevereElisa Matthews, Raina Thorne
LancelotGeoffrey Penar, Christopher Cobbett
PellinoreNicholas Wuehrmann
MordredJacob Allen
Morgan Le FeyJulie Wright Costa
Tom of WarwickJack Neill
Sir Dinadan/SoloistJohn Callison
Sir LionelJoey Wilgenbusch
Sir ClariusAndy Maughan
Sir SagramoreGeoffrey Kannenberg
Lady SybilAngela Vagenes
Lady AnneSarah Best
Lady-in-Waiting #1Natalie Ballenger
Lady-in-Waiting #2Malia French
Page/HeraldJesse Massaro
Squire DapMark Snyder
NimueKarla Hughes
A KnightLogan Walsh
A ManJohn Hummel
Lady #1Ashley Close
Lady #2Jacquelyn Kress
Lady #3Mary Griffith
Sir ColgrevanceEvan McCormack
Sir BliantLogan Walsh
Sir CastorWill Perkins
Sir GuilliamZachary Rusk
Ensemble: Natalie Ballenger, Sarah Best, John Callison, Ashley Close, Malia French, Mary Griffith, Karla Hughes, John Hummel, Geoffrey Kannenberg, Jacquelyn Kress, Michael Lucas, Jesse Massaro, Andy Maughan, Olivia Maughan, Evan McCormack, Emily Neill, Will Perkins, Zachary Rusk, Mark Snyder, Angela Vagenes, Logan Walsh, Ruby White, Joey Wilgenbusch