Show Photographs

33rd Festival Season - 2011


Music by Cole Porter
Book by Moss Hart
Edited by Tommy Krasker
Orchestration, Vocal and Dance Arrangements by Larry Moore

ACT I: The Royal Family - King, Queen, Prince James, and Princess Diana - are relieved that the ceremonial Presentation Night at the royal court is finally over. Each returns to his or her passion - the Queen to her movie magazines, the King to his string tricks, James to his dance steps, and Diana to her reading. The Prime Minister enters and reminds all of the work that needs to be done in planning the entertainment for the upcoming King's Jubilee. The Queen suggests a screening of Mowgli and the White Goddess, featuring swimmer/actor/hunk Charlie Rausmiller; the King volunteers his string tricks; James wants to invite night club performer Karen O'Kane to introduce a new dance step; and Diana suggests that playwright Eric Dare be honored. Footmen lead in two squirming boys: James' younger brother Peter and Peter's cousin Rudolph. After being chastised by the King for misbehaving, the boys, before exiting, hatch a plan whose ultimate goal is to get them a visit to Radio City in New York. Soon after, a rock hurtles through the window - the Prime Minister, fearing a rebellion, orders the Royal Family to dreary out-of-town Feathermore Castle. They agree to defy the order and, for the first time in their lives, pursue their own fantasies. Eric Dare arrives at the Nicodemus Bar to the cheers of his adoring "satellites," among whom is Diana. They strike up a conversation - a mutual attraction quickly develops. Meanwhile, the Queen is pounding the pavement trying to locate the movie theatre where Mowgli, himself, is making a personal appearance. The King, practicing his string tricks incognito in the park, has impressed socialite Eva Standing, who invites him to perform at her party the next day. The Queen has finally found the theatre, meets Mowgli, and persuades him to give her swimming lessons. Across town, at the Cafe Martinique, James is bewitched by Karen's rendition of "Begin the beguine" - they take to the dance floor together. The Prime Minister, panicked at the total disappearance of the Royal Family, finally tracks them down at Eva's costume ball - he will escort them personally to Feathermore.

ACT II: With long faces and a sense of resignation, the Royal Family is bemoaning its isolation at rain-drenched Feathermore. Diana confesses, however, that she has invited Eric for the weekend and that he will stay in the Crystal Room; the Queen chimes in that she has done the same for Mowgli. But, according to James, Karen will be occupying the room, which creates some difficulty because the King has invited Eva. All four guests arrive on the same train - Eva suggests that they all wait out the rebellion at Rockwell Beach, while the Queen proposes that her husband abdicate so that they can all travel to America and fulfill their fancies. While at Rockwell, the Prime Minister informs the family that the "rebellion" was nothing more than a prank of the two young boys - they all must return to the palace and prepare for the Jubilee. All four exchange emotional "goodbyes" with their recent new friends. Back at the palace at the King's Jubilee, Mowgli, Eric, Eva, and Karen have one final opportunity to come face-to-face with the Royal Family.

Production Team
ConductorMichael Borowitz, Steven Byess
Stage DirectorSteven Daigle
ChoreographyCarol Hageman
Costume DesignWhitney Locher
Scenic Design Kimberly V. Powers
Lighting DesignErich Keil
The KingTed Christopher
The QueenJulie Wright Costa
Prince JamesJacob Allen
Princess DianaNatalie Ballenger
Prince PeterJennifer Vicknair, Henry Perkins
Prince RudolphJillian Vicknair, Elizabeth Perkins
Lord Wyndham, Prime MinisterJon Gerhard
Eric Dare, PlaywrightNicholas Wuehrmann
Eva Standing, SocialiteSarah Best
Karen O'Kane, SingerRaina Thorne
Charles Rausmiller/Mowgli, swimmer/actorJoey Wilgenbusch
Professor RexfordDavid Kelleher-Flight
LeaderJohn Hummel
OfficerMax Nolin
StudentStephen Faulk
Laura FitzgeraldAshley Close
Mr. WatkinsGeoffrey Kannenberg
Mrs. WatkinsMary Griffith
First WomanRuby White
Second WomanMalia French
ApeLogan Walsh
NewsmanMichael Lucas
UsherDavid Kelleher-Flight
UsherAndrew Shaffer
Meek ManAndy Maughan
ManGary Moss
DrunkDavid Kelleher-Flight
WaiterStephen Faulk
Head WaiterJohn Hummel
Master of CeremoniesMax Nolin
1st Cabinet MemberMark Snyder
2nd Cabinet MemberGeoffrey Kannenberg
Process ServerChristopher Cobbett
ManMichael Lucas
Woman 1Jacquelyn Kress
Woman 2Emily Neill
FootmanAndrew Shaffer
SteeleChristopher Cobbett
Bather 1Olivia Maughan
Bather 2Andy Maughan
MayorMark Snyder
Life GuardLogan Walsh
Little ManJohn Callison
KeeperGary Moss
Ensemble: Lori Birrer, John Callison, Ashley Close, Christopher Cobbett, Stephen Faulk, Malia French, Mary Griffith, Anna-Lisa Hackett, Karla Hughes, John Hummel, Geoffrey Kannenberg, David Kelleher-Flight, Jacquelyn Kress, Michael Lucas, Amy Maples, Elisa Matthews, Andy Maughan, Olivia Maughan, Gary Moss, Emily Neill, Max Nolin, Andrew Shaffer, Mark Snyder, Angela VĂ¥genes, Logan Walsh, Ruby White