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34th Festival Season - 2012


Music by Sigmund Romberg (from themes of Franz Schubert)
Book and Lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly

ACT I: Operatic tenor Vogl, writer Kuppelweiser, and painter Von Schwind pass the afternoon - at an outdoor restaurant in Vienna's Prater - discussing the alleged affair of wealthy Baron Franz Schober and married opera diva Bellabruna. Penniless composer Franz Schubert stops by and is commissioned by Bellabruna's jealous husband, Count Scharntoff, to write a love song that he can pass off to his wife as his own. Mitzi, Fritzi, and Kitzi, daughters of court jeweler Kranz, anticipate the arrival of Fritzi's beau Binder and Kitzi's beau Erkmann, with Mitzi acting as chaperone to her sisters. Schober enters and is prodded about his affair with Bellabruna, which he flatly denies. Just as Kranz is about to catch daughters Fritzi and Kitzi in a rendezvous with their boyfriends, Schober intervenes, telling the girls to claim that they are there for singing lessons with Schubert. Left alone with the terribly shy Schubert, Mitzi confesses to knowing all his songs by heart; he takes note of her beauty, transforming his tender thoughts into music - the only language he knows. On behalf of Fritzi and Kitzi, Schober fast-talks the cautious Kranz into accepting Binder and Erkmann as husbands for his daughters. Mitzi, appreciative of Schubert's cooperation with Schober in keeping her father at bay, agrees to his offer of an escort home.
ACT II: Three months later, on the wedding day of Fritzi and Kitzi, Kranz has had a little too much to drink, while Schubert is fumbling in his courting efforts with Mitzi. Bellabruna arrives unexpectedly, suspicious that her former lover Schober has abandoned her for a new sweetheart - perhaps Mitzi, she suspects. When Mitzi does not deny that she is in love with a man whose initials are "F.S.," Bellabruna shatters Mitzi's hopes by revealing the past indiscretions with the ladies of "F.S." In tears, Mitzi is comforted by Schober - the two of them had been childhood friends and quickly rekindle their mutual affection. Schubert, sensing that Mitzi has turned cold toward him, but totally lacking confidence, asks Schober to sing her the new song that he has written. Mitzi listens, but, despite Schober's reminders that it is Schubert who loves her, she falls into Schober's arms. Schubert resigns himself to his fate - after all, he still has his music.
ACT III: Two months have passed and Schubert, very ill, is unable to attend the first performance of his latest symphony, left unfinished because his musical inspiration has left him. He cannot get Mitzi out of his head or heart. Bellabruna, meanwhile, has explained the mixup of names to Mitzi, who flies to Schubert to beg his forgiveness. Mitzi declares that she no longer loves Schober, but when Schubert reveals to her that Scharntoff has challenged Schober to a duel, Mitzi reveals to Schubert her true feelings.

Production Team
DirectorTed Christopher
ConductorSteven Byess
ChoreographyCarol Hageman
Costume DesignCharlene Gross
Scenic DesignC. Murdock Lucas
Lighting DesignKrystal Kennel
Mitzi Kranz, youngest of the sistersAmy Maples
Fritzi Kranz, sentimental - secretly engaged to Carl BinderDanielle McCormick Knox
Kitzi Kranz, straight-laced - secretly engaged to Robert ErkmannSarah Best
Bellabruna, opera diva - temperamental - Italian - interested in SchoberCaroline Miller
Baron Franz Schober, Austrian poet, librettist, and actorLuke Bahr
Franz Schubert, Austrian composerJustin Berkowitz
Christian Kranz, father of Mitzi, Fritzi, and KitziBoyd Mackus
Johann Michael Vogl, opera singer - friend of Schubert and SchoberStephen Faulk
Kuppelweiser, writer - friend of Schubert and SchoberChristopher Cobbett
Moritz von Schwind, Austrian painter - friend of Schubert and SchoberBrad Baron
Carl Binder, secretly engaged to FritziJacob Allen
Robert Erkmann, secretly engaged to KitziJohn Callison
Count Scharntoff, Bellabruna's husband - elegant, older aristocratTed Christopher
Mrs. Kranz, mother of Mitzi, Fritzi, and KitziOlivia Maughan
Greta, flower girlRuby White
Hansy, waitressMalia French
Novotny, secret policeMark Snyder
Rosi, Bellabruna's maidMary Griffith
Mrs. ColburgSuzanne Oberdorfer
WaiterMatthew Hill
Ensemble: Natalie Ballenger, Ashley Close, Alexa Devlin, Adam Fieldson, Malia French, Mary Griffith, Kristina Hanford, Matthew Hill, Benjamin Krumreig, Andrew Maughan, Olivia Maughan, Suzanne Oberdorfer, Nathan Owen, Allison Schumaker, Jarrett Smith, Mark Snyder, Ruby White